Apr 2 2010

Daily Herald (Provo)

The fire burned phragmites along the lake shore.


Apr 2 2010

Appeal Democrat (CA)

The parts were found at Beer Can Beach in November (leg), February (torso), and March (arms one day, head the next). “The only body part still missing is a leg.”


Apr 2 2010

The Web (via Alexa)

Who needs death squads? Yesterday was April 1, but it looks like KFC’s Double Down is real. Hard to believe it’s only 540 calories. (And Clausen is some sports guy. Pickle perception is still running high.)


Mar 31 2010




Mar 31 2010

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Mistakes were made,” Archbishop Listecki says. That’s putting it mildly. Mistakes were not made by the pope, of course.


Mar 31 2010

Kingsport (TN) Times News

The guy ran through the grocery store nude “because he was bored and didn’t have anything to do.” A better choice than most of his neighbors.