Jun 13 2011

Baltimore Sun

Wishful thinking: Herman Cain is just for entertainment.
Woeful fact: Cain’s statement outgrosses Weiner’s “cocksucking” text.


Aside: According to travelmath.com, the flight distance from Kenya to Indonesia is: 5,680 miles (9,141 km).

Mar 3 2010


“British married couples are happiest 11 months and eight days after their wedding.” If you were married on February 23, 2009, you have my best wishes for a very happy Happiest Day! Unfortunately, I can’t in good conscience wish you many more to come.


Mar 3 2010

CBS News

Smut for Smut week at UT San Antonio


Feb 21 2010

Mercury News

Diverse forms of transportation lead to mischief, damage, and death: Bicycle, airplane, motorcycle, bus, ship.