Mar 31 2010

Kingsport (TN) Times News

The guy ran through the grocery store nude “because he was bored and didn’t have anything to do.” A better choice than most of his neighbors. 


Mar 14 2010

Casper Tribune

Maced in the brouhaha was Thelma’s “soon-to-be ex-husband’s 25-year-old girlfriend.” Thelma claims it was self-defense, not rage against hyphens.

The day-objector was unhappy to be in court about the unsafe mobile homes, unlicensed vehicles, and “other nuisances” on his property. During his objectionable day, he asked, “[I]s this is a communist country?”

Objectors elsewhere in Wyoming are fighting “Set Free,” a church hoping to house ex-cons.


Feb 23 2010

Journal de Montréal

Her mother died; their father died; he (allegedly) killed his brother. In other news, a drunk driver kills two passengers, and the churches are falling apart.