Mar 31 2010

Kingsport (TN) Times News

The guy ran through the grocery store nude “because he was bored and didn’t have anything to do.” A better choice than most of his neighbors. 


Mar 10 2010

NY Daily News

Either the future is bright or no one wants to read about unheroic children and respectable adults.


Mar 4 2010

San Francisco Examiner

Arming restaurants doesn’t help?


Mar 4 2010 (Tennessee)

Police officers “smelled methanphedimine [sic].” No mention of whether the hotel room was tidy. As for the unidentified woman, one commenter said “no I can’t,” but I’m sure that’s too few responses for statistical significance.


Feb 23 2010

Journal de Montréal

Her mother died; their father died; he (allegedly) killed his brother. In other news, a drunk driver kills two passengers, and the churches are falling apart.


Feb 23 2010

BBC News

Not just your typical drunk bishop today. Otherwise, murder as usual and “Where’d my porn go?”