Mar 15 2010

Drew Acorn

Unfortunately for the alleged thief, the crime may fall under section 2B1.5 of the 2009 Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual: “Theft of, Damage to, or Destruction of, Cultural Heritage Resources; Unlawful Sale, Purchase, Exchange, Transportation, or Receipt of Cultural Heritage Resources”


Mar 4 2010 (Tennessee)

Police officers “smelled methanphedimine [sic].” No mention of whether the hotel room was tidy. As for the unidentified woman, one commenter said “no I can’t,” but I’m sure that’s too few responses for statistical significance.


Mar 3 2010

Christian News

Where we learn that “only one in three Christians believe God expects them to be holy.”


Mar 3 2010

CBS News

Smut for Smut week at UT San Antonio