Mar 2 2010

Daily Mail

Cars and other vehicles flooded, ticketed, torched, and electrified. Injury sites include head, leg, and NECK. Is early algebra the answer?


Feb 26 2010

BBC News

Thanks to Stan Still, Paige Turner, Anna Sasin, Justin Case, Barb Dwyer, Mary Christmas, Doug Hole, Hazel Nutt, Rose Bush, Pearl Button, Jo King, Barry Cade, Carrie Oakey, Priti Manek, Tim Burr, and Terry Bull. Marge Innovera didn’t make the list.


Feb 26 2010

Christian Science Monitor

Questions, questions, questions, so let me save you some trouble. The Woodstock hippies aren’t to blame.


Feb 24 2010

ABC News

Equal-opportunity exploitation. Couldn’t find three nearly naked bad girls today.